50 Questions

3. What happened the last time you cried?

I was talking to my parents.

We were discussing what my plans were after graduation. Since I got a job in the city, I talked about moving to SF with a friend.

It was a rather light-hearted discussion about pros and cons. When I was listing off reasons why I wanted to be in the city (better commute, atmosphere, rebellious youth, etc), my mom then said to me:

Yes, those are good reasons, but what about us? Are you going to consider us?

Mothers just have a way of making you feel disappointed in yourself without even trying.

You see, I feel a strong responsibility to stay near home to be support for my family. It’s something I think about often: What happens when my parents are too old to work? What if my grandma’s health goes down again? What should I do to take care of them? Am I being selfish?

And in the moment, all the pressure came crashing down on me – I overwhelmed myself with worries and my overactive imagination.

Boom, waterworks.


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