30 Day Challenge

Day 2: 20 Facts.

  1. I live on an island but I cannot, for the life of me, swim.
  2. Cleared the feng-shui section of the library when I thought interior designing was my destiny.
  3. Now I’m going into economic consulting, holla.
  4. I’ve lived in the Bay Area all my life.
  5. In fact, I’ve only been outside the country twice.
  6. Learned French in high school was because Spanish was full. Thank goodness.
  7. I like cats, but little did you know, I like pandas just as much.
  8. Have had neither as a pet though. My sister doesn’t dig cats and pandas are hard to procure.
  9. Used to compete in Chinese calligraphy contests.
  10. Biggest sweet tooth in the world & the cavities to prove it.
  11. Living vicariously through make up & fashion Youtubers. Hi Jenn Im & Claire Marshall.
  12. My favorite color is yellow.
  13. Adore daffodils, sunflowers, and red carnations.
  14. I like steaming clothes with an iron, but I want a real steamer.
  15. Our Christmas tree marks the time period that both my sister and I are at home. This is a week before Christmas, and a week before the end of January.
  16. True Taurus.
  17. Wavering ENFP.
  18. Terrible at keeping in touch.
  19. I really dig economics jokes.
  20. I’ve read all 700-something chapters of One Piece in 3 days and I think I can end with that.

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