30 Day Challenge

Day 4: Dream Job.

This is incredibly cheesy but,

I don’t really think about, or pine after, a specific “dream job”. People change and I will too. The things I love today and tomorrow will not be the same things I love in 7 years. Right now, I love studying economics, and am excited about pursuing it. Am I choosing the right path? I hope so, but it won’t be the end of the world if I am not.

Having a “dream job” creates a mindset where in our lifetimes, there are many pathways, but there is only one pathway we should be following. A lot of pressure and happiness are placed on our choices. What if I never land that job, does it mean I’ve failed myself?

Of course not. It’s simply I wasn’t meant to do that, and that’s perfectly fine.

Our purpose on earth doesn’t lie in a single job or moment. It’s in the conscious actions we take, and the people we affect in our lifetime. A job may give us status, but it’s how we live daily that gives us value. As long as we strive to be good, loving, and full, our basic direction is right.


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