30 Day Challenge

Day 11: Favorite Recipes

I know that the challenge is officially my favorite foods, but I love all foods and it would be ridiculous for me to try and come up with that list. So here are a few of my favorite recipes instead!

  1. Carrot Cake w/ Maple Cream Cheese Frosting (Smitten Kitchen). I cannot love this recipe enough. If there was a cake I could be for the rest of my life, it would be carrot cake.
  2. Double Chocolate Banana Bread (Smitten Kitchen). No words. Thank you baking queen.
  3. Chewy Coconut Cookies (Sweet Treats & More). I like these a little under baked. Recipe makes about a million and they’re not too sweet!
  4. Oreo Mint Truffles (Sally’s Baking Addiction). Easy peasy & pleases easily.
  5. Pumpkin Cupcakes (Smitten Kitchen). “Carrie this is the best cake you’ve ever made.”

Searching for: Asian Bakery Fruit Cake Recipe. I’m looking for the texture of something between angel food cake and sponge cake. The whipped topping must be something magical because I can’t get my whipped cream to be that smooth….or stable.

Searching for: Perfect Gingersnap Cookies Recipe. I know that the traditional gingersnap has the crispy snap in it. But I like my cookies chewy and underbaked. Pacific Cookie Company has a delicious gingersnap and I have no idea who I need to bribe to get the recipe. It’s what I dream my perfect cookie would be.

Holla at a sister if you have any recipe ideas.


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