30 Day Challenge

Day 14: My Healthy Habits

To balance out an average of 4 lbs of butter a semester (adequate dairy consumption, check), I do have a my three healthy habits for this post.

  • Food first. The hardest thing for me to reign in is my sweet tooth, but interestingly enough, I do keep a pretty healthy diet. I love my fruits and vegetables and I don’t really eat a lot of meat besides seafood and chicken. One of my resolutions is to eat healthier in terms of organic produce & less processed foods. That also means learning to make healthier desserts so I am very, very excited about that.
  • Stay hydrated. I drink more than 8 cups of water a day. Go tea or go home.
  • Sort it soon. While I do value my physical health, keeping my mental health in order is more important to me. When I feel overwhelmed, I believe in facing it head-on. I find it hard to articulate my feelings sometimes so I’ve been keeping a blog for 8 years now. In it I write down my worries, sort out my feelings, and remind myself how to be a better person.

This biggest things I need to work on is eating sweets in moderation & being more active. I’d love to check half-marathon off my bucket list this year!


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