Dear Dad,

According to everyone and their mothers, I look like you. I hope you were dashing as a young man and that balding is passed down on mom’s side.

I know I got the stubbornness from you…and the impatience. I definitely picked up how I treat my friendships and relationships from you: value them, but they are not all you should value. Oh, and there is no question where I got the where-are-my-keys gene. You blame it on old age, but I know the truth.

But you know what I really hope is hereditary? Story telling. Steadfastness. You may be impatient sometimes, but when everything is backed up in our lives – sicknesses, hospitals, unhappiness….toilets – you’re there to be everyone’s rock. To be soothing in what way you can.

Thanks a bunch

and you’re not balding that quickly,



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