The Last Lecture: Randy Pausch

A few days ago, my favorite economics professor gave our graduating class our “Last Lecture”.

Now, a common misconception is that the Last Lecture is ours in the sense that it’s the senior’s last lecture in university – but that’s not quite the case. Rather, a professor is given the prompt that if they had only one more day to live, if this was the last lecture they would ever give, what words would they impart? As much as I love Onley, her lecture left a lot to be desired for me personally – so I sought out the source of the “Last Lecture” and found Randy Pausch.

Pausch delivered his “Last Lecture”, titled “Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams”, at Carnegie Mellon on September 18, 2007 a month after receiving the news he had terminal pancreatic cancer. It’s wonderful and beautiful.


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