The One with Many Choices

PrayerThe seniors of InterVarsity compiled a book of testimonies, advice, general anything for the other classes – here was my entry.

None of us are ever certain about what happens tomorrow, only that in our lifetime we will experience pain, hardship, and come across difficult choices. Senior year is chock full of these moments: the pain of leaving behind a home we’ve made for ourselves these last few years and the uncertainty that comes with any large transition in life.

Up until now, life had been rather predictable. But college is over and the next step in life is no longer clearly outlined. Each choice we come across feels heavy on our shoulders and everyone can’t help but wonder, “What should I do now?”.

Who knows what God has planned for me and you. Who knows what we’re meant to be doing in this lifetime. There will always be difficult questions we want answers to, difficult choices we wish were made for us. There will always be moments where we want to just see a glimpse into the future, and hear what’s going to happen. Moments where we wish God would reveal to us his plan for us because the suspense makes us nervous and tomorrow is downright scary.

Sometimes, each choice feels like it could be the wrong choice and we just want to see the answer key.

But I learned this year that God isn’t asking us to live any specific route. Life isn’t a maze to navigate through carefully – one wrong turn won’t mean we’re out. We are not asked to discern God’s will in the future, but we are asked to live a life according to God’s will for the present. Any decision made with God’s kingdom in mind, can be made in good consciousness.

We are not called to make the perfect choices, we’re called to frustrations, failure, and grief. It’s in these moments of weaknesses that God can enter and work with us and through us. These moments of brokenness allow for God’s healing. Do not be deterred by the walls you face, but rather run through them, around them, fly over them and know that God is beside you.

“Our weightiest choice is not between two future options, but between two ways of life, one for God and the other against God. God does have a plan for our lives. We will discover that plan, however, as we simply do the will of God we already know in the present moment. Life will then gradually unfold for us.”

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” (Matthew 6:33)


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