Started from the bottom…

…now we here!


Say hi to the girl that finally completed her B.A. in Economics!

These past four years have been nothing short of spectacular. Cal has been a great blessing for me in terms of educational and personal development – we honestly never realize how much a place changes us until we’re leaving and reminiscing.
Going into college I got my fair share of unsolicited advice. Since the older we get the wiser we think we are – and I am 100% the kind of person that likes to rub salt into her feels – I feel compelled to force upon you my words of wisdom:

  1. Never regret a good night spent with good company.
  2. Learn to recognize when the hater in you is rooted in jealousy – it’s better to confront that devil early.
  3. You may not always be the smartest person in the room (there’s not much you can do about that), but you can always try to be the hardest working.
  4. Friends are essential, but so is alone time.
  5. And don’t feel pressured or guilty about friendship maintenance – people change and you just might not vibe with it.
  6. Deadlines are just suggestions – err on the safe side and expect everyone to be late.
  7. Sleep is underrated in college – we are not superhuman that do not need sleep. So sleep.
  8. The only greater joy than being loved and cared for by a mentor is to love and care for your own mentee(s).
  9. At the same time, just because a path was wrong for someone you know, that doesn’t mean it’s wrong for you. You are not your mentor – they’re guides, not blueprints.
  10. “What can I learn from this person?”
  11. No matter how far down a path you go, if you don’t like it, turn back. It’s not worth the future regret and 100% worth the extra complications.
  12. Just because someone is a nice person doesn’t mean you have to date them. That’s ridiculous. YOU CAN’T HELP FEELINGS OKAY.
  13. Establish chores early. By senior year, if it’s not engrained, it’s not happening.
  14. Be open-minded, but don’t be closed-minded about closed-minded people. Just because someone disagrees with you, don’t assume you know why. Ask.
  15. It is perfectly ok to admire how young, vibrant and full of life you currently are.
  16. Weaning off of coffee was the best decision ever for my skin.
  17. Find some hobbies. It makes you interesting when you don’t have school as the basis of all social interactions.
  18. College doesn’t have to be a soap opera. Calm yo’self.
  19. Recognize just how lucky you are to be in your shoes.
  20. Thank everyone you know, sincerely and often.

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3 thoughts on “Started from the bottom…

  1. the poppyseed bee says:

    I really like your blog! ahahaha, you have some really thoughtful posts 🙂 Coming from one Cal bear to another! go Bears!

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