The SCOTUS decision.

On June 26, 2015, denying same-sex marriage was ruled unconstitutional in the United States!

As with any major decision by our government, this both sparked immediate joy and a whole lot of rage.

What is my response to this?

On one hand, I feel immense happiness – it’s a victory in the war against inequality. Truly, I believe that our Constitution pushes for equality for all & this battle’s win is one step closer (though definitely not the end-game) towards a more just nation.

But my mind’s battlefield raged on in the background of the city’s jubilance. I planned on ignoring the small voices in my mind. I didn’t want to bring these questions to surface, terrified I would dislike the answer.


as we know, God had his own plans & met with me instead in two places.

The first came in the form of John – though I was trying to turn a blind eye, I find that he’s someone who runs right into things, searching for answers. He shared this post: Jesus at a Gay Wedding. It resonated with me and reminded me of the God that I had fallen in love with: a loving God that wants to get to know His children badly.

The point of the Gospel is not to make everyone uniform. The point of the Gospel is to transform people into emissaries of Jesus who can live out lives surrendered to him through unique cultural lenses. The Gospel should influence us to live lives so radical, that others will see Jesus in our actions and say “Yes, I want some of that too.” While we may differ in theological perspectives, what we absolutely cannot diverge from is the reconciliation of all peoples to God. There is always room at the table for more people and the way people join the table is through love.

The second is when I prayed and searched for an answer on my own and landed on the beginning of the book of Ezekiel. As I continue to read about Ezekiel being sent to the stubborn, prideful, and rebellious nation of Israelites, I am reminded of the God of justice, a justice that only He can bring. As His children, we are not called to judge, instead we are called to be messengers of His word.

No good answers are immediate, but if the country had hundreds of years, surely I can bide my time as well.


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