Weekdaze: hey sunny!

Spent a wonderful weekend in LA & checked a few things off of my SoCal bucket list! I may be a Bay Area girl through and through, but no one can argue SoCal weather superiority.


From the Bay to LA; highlights post 6-hour drive:

Skipped through the LA Flower Market,

They have glorious sunflower bouquets for $2.50!! (Of course I bought one.) I’ve been to the SF Flower Market as well and I must say that while the LA one is cheaper, the SF one is definitely better*.

*More choices, more flowers, more vendors.

browsed the sweet macarons of Bottega Louie,

When my friends had gone to Paris, I desperately wanted macarons from Laduree – entirely because the box is the loveliest thing ever. Unfortunately, they didn’t get one, BUT LO AND BEHOLD I found the next best thing at Bottega Louie.

Gold painted earl grey macaron: check ~

got our culture on at the Getty center.

Coolest thing! I had a huge deja vu moment and realized I had been to the Getty when I was in seventh grade! I was touring with the Great Wall Youth Orchestra (fun fact!) and we performed in LA. Can’t mistake that garden and those walls.

high-fived Mickey at Disneyland & California Adventure.

& went HAM on the Tower of Terror – success!

Bye LA, smog you later~


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