Weekdaze: grass is greener.

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while – work has been different.

But, exploring my new city – bit by bit.

I love whenever my friend David asks me to hang out and shoot with him – I always get to see a different part of San Francisco. He’s an SF native with a taste for detail, making exploring with him always a really fun and joyous experience.

Last weekend we explored Golden Gate Park & walked from one end to the other.

Here’s a few shots! If you like them, definitely check him out.


Weekdaze: eat thoroughly.


East bay living; SF eating.

Now that I see SF as my future home, I can’t wait to get to know the city like the back of my hand – starting with some highlights in each neighborhood.

Pictured here is

a photoshoot in Hayes Valley,

lunch at the Divisidero,

a hike at Lands End,

& an ice cream festival in SoMa.

Oh San Francisco, you just vibe lovely.


Into the (Red)woods.


Highlights from a day trip to Redwoods National Park!

For the Fourth of July weekend, my family trekked through the NorCal coast and denser-than-Karl fog to the Redwoods. My dad had wanted to go there for a while (too bad we just hadn’t realized it was a 6-hour drive). It was fun – hopefully I can get a chance to hike deeper into the forest.

Next time, definitely need to bring bug spray – for a moment there I thought I hadn’t left China.